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Solutions for Success

MKADDESH ENTERPRISES was launched by Tasheikya  Hunter in response to several request for her inspirational and influential services. 

MKADDESH ENTERPRISES consist 5 different business umbrellas which are: 

  • Premiere Electronic Medical Billing

  • Goals For My Life Health & Wellness

  • Goals Life & Busines Coaching  

  • Premiere Home Care

  • Doula Birth Worker Services

Tasheikya has over twenty years of experience in a surplus of services such as Practice Management, Healthcare Administration, Medical Billing, Coding, Customer Service, Life Coaching, Early Childhood Education and so much more!

This enterprise offer comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of any organization. 

If you would like to experience and learn more about the expertise of Tasheikya.

Contact her today for a free consultation!

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